Cooling Towers for RAI in Rome_Case Study

PME-E Cooling Towers for RAI in Rome

MITA cooling systems also serve the air conditioning system of the historic Italian Radio Television center at 66 Via Teulada, Rome: they are the PME-E open-circuit cooling towers.

  • Replacement of steel cooling towers for RAI in Rome
  • Requirement: compact and durable solutions
  • Supply of two MITA PME-E Silent towers
RAI - Radio Television in Italy
Rome, Italy
Type of interlocutor
Area Consultant
Scope of application
Offices (HVAC)
Story in Brief
Public television group with 60 years of activity behind it, a cultural landmark throughout the history of the Italian Republic. Provision of cooling technology through area technical sales consultant.
List of customer needs
- Provision of cooling technogies for office air conditioning system, as part of the renovation of a building
- Lightweight solution, suitable for a slender structure in an inner courtyard
- Low noise levels (civilian context for installation)
Technologies provided
No. 2 PME-E 4103 CW Silent open circuit cooling towers
Key to success
- Low noise, compactness and durability of supplied solutions
- Energy saving

1. Context of installation

RAI’s TV Production Center (CPTV) in Via Teulada recently celebrated its 60th anniversary: the Italian public may remember the light brick building, the old “RAI” logo, and such now-historic programs as Porta a Porta, Chi l’ha visto, La Vita in Diretta (filmed in its 9 TV studios).

A building whose air conditioning system needed to be renovated in some of its areas: in particular, the old cooling towers, made of steel, were already 30 years old. It was therefore necessary to replace them with solutions

  • silent (this being a civilian context),
  • efficient,
  • compact,
  • durable (non-corrodible systems).

An additional critical issue was to be able to maintain the support structure in the inner courtyard.

2. Proposed solution

Due to the lightness of some nonmetallic materials, the design firm, with the mediation of agent Amedeo Scardini, decided to make explicit in the specifications the installation of fiberglass towers by MITA Cooling Technologies.

Therefore, 2 open-circuit cooling towers, type PME-E 4103 CW Silent, were installed in the courtyard of the RAI at 66 Teulada Street. Low noise levels are ensured by low-speed motors coupled with fans with special profile blades.

3. The key to success

The technical specifications of this solution make it possible to respond to additional requirements than those defined by the customer:

  • totally openable walls to allow ample access to the internal parts, stairs to the upper part. All this to facilitate routine maintenance;
  • low installed electrical powers that save energy.

A special satisfaction: “mamma RAI” is one of the symbols in the world of Italian-ness. And this is what MITA Cooling Technologies seeks to be inspired by with solutions “tailor-made” for the customer.

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