Cooling Towers for Bologna Hospital

Cooling Towers for Bologna Hospital

The Major Hospital “Pizzardi” of Bologna installs as many as 12 non-corrodible and easy-to-maintain cooling towers to support the refrigeration units for the air conditioning system: performance and attention to noise level.

  • Maggiore Hospital "Pizzardi" of Bologna, serving 800,000 inhabitants
  • Supply of 12 silent and non-corrodible cooling towers for the air conditioning system
  • High performance for the high capacity required by the hospital facility
"Pizzardi" Major Hospital of Bologna
Bologna, Italy
Type of interlocutor
Engineering firm
Scope of application
Hospital facility (HVAC)
Story in Brief
At the time of the order, the Azienda Sanitaria Locale and the "Pizzardi" Hospital provided services to almost the entire Province of Bologna, totaling 800,000 inhabitants. In 2008, Hospital Body D was launched to rationalize and concetrate high-tech facilities into a single 17-story building.
List of customer needs
- Cooling of the refrigeration units of the air conditioning system in the Hospital's D-Body
- High performance
- Low noise levels
Output fluid and temperature
Thermal jump of 5°C
Powers required
26 MW
Technologies provided
No. 12 PME-E Silent open circuit cooling towers (concentrated in three condensation basins): anti-corrosion fiberglass structure, side doors for inspection of internal parts
Construction Pluses
Silent version with low speed to keep noise down
Key to success
Easy maintenance, low noise

1. Installation context

The new D-Body of Bologna’s Maggiore Hospital was conceived and built in 2008 as the facility’s “high-tech container.” The intervention included the construction of new areas, including emergency-urgency, trauma and surgical pathology, general medicine, geriatrics, obstetrics, gynecology and pediatrics.

The new air-conditioning system, conceived with the support of a specialized design firm, included several refrigeration units: machinery that, as a whole, needs considerable heat disposal capacity.

2. Proposed solution

MITA Cooling Technologies supplied as many as 12 PME-E Silent cooling towers for the cooling units of the new hospital facility: reduced fan speeds to keep noise down, fiberglass sandwich panels to ensure corrosion resistance. Side doors ensure easy maintenance to the internal parts.

The towers were installed in three condensing basins, with a total capacity of 22,500,000 kcalTh.

3. The key to success

MITA Cooling Technologies’ solution has helped ensure the efficiency and proper operation of the cooling system at Bologna’s Maggiore Hospital. Easy maintenance and low noise levels are elements that convinced the hospital’s partner engineering firm.

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