Torri di Raffreddamento PME-E e Filtri a Sabbia Filtrasand per Clariant Masterbatches

Cooling Towers and Sand Filters for Chemical Plant

At the Pogliano Milanese plant of Clariant Masterbatches, MITA built a cooling system for the extruding process that uses exchangers combined with several evaporative towers. In addition, MITA Water Technologies supplied a continuously regenerating sand filter that keeps the cooling water clean.

  • Azienda chimica internazionale con necessità di soluzioni di raffreddamento per acque corrosive
  • Fornitura di torri di raffreddamento a rumorosità molto contenute e non corrodibili
  • Collaborazione con MITA Water Technologies, azienda di gruppo, per il trattamento delle acque reflue
Clariant Masterbatches
2008 - 2009
Province of Milan, Italy
Type of interlocutor
End Customer
Scope of application
Story in Brief
Clariant is one of the most significant global chemical companies: it has operations in more than 50 countries and more than 10,000 employees worldwide. Its solutions for various industries include catalysts, absorbents and additives, as well as personal care chemicals. Clariant's productions include masterbatches, concentrates of pigments and/or dyes and/or additives used to modify the physical properties of plastics. The Clariant Masterbatches business unit, one of four in Italy, has a plant in Pogliano Milanese: it is MITA's customer plant.
List of customer needs
- Cooling of extruders in conjunction with heat exchangers
- Replacement of the previously worn and excessively noisy evaporative cooling towers
- Treatment of wastewater from the production process
Output fluid and temperature
Water at 28°C (from 35°C inlet)
Powers required
1,200 kW
Other requirements
Water flow rate: about 150 m3/h
Technologies provided
No. 2 PME 4804 E Super Silent open circuit cooling towers: double cell, axial fan
Other special offers
Filtrasand FS 3/1.5 sand filter from MITA Water Technologies, for process water treatment
Construction Pluses
- Super Silent version, with very low rpm for noise containment (375 rpm nominal)
- Use of fiberglass as the main material of construction, absolutely impervious to corrosion even in the presence of particularly aggressive water or environments such as chemical and pharmaceuticals
- Axial fans: low pressure drop compared to centrifugal solutions, energy saving
Key to success
- An integrated offering for the entire water cycle management from MITA Cooling Technologies and MITA Water Technologies
- Extremely rapid design and installation time

1. Installation context

Clariant Masterbatches is a major global chemical company: it operates in more than 50 countries and employs more than 10,000 people worldwide. Its production includes a wide range of chemicals, including masterbatches, which are concentrates of pigments, dyes and additives used to modify the physical properties of plastics.

The Clariant Masterbatches business unit has a plant in Pogliano Milanese: a location that required the support of MITA Cooling Technologies to cool its extruders in conjunction with heat exchangers. The previously installed evaporative towers were in fact worn and excessively noisy: the two main focuses were therefore the durability of the new solution and noise containment.

An additional need for the company: the treatment of its wastewater.

2. Proposed solution

MITA Cooling Technologies has selected together with Clariant two PME 4804 E Super Silent open circuit cooling towers: fiberglass construction to resist corrosion from particularly corrosive water (typical in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries), very low RPM to reduce noise.

Axial fans also ensure low pressure drops and consequent energy savings for standard machine operation.

Not only that. MITA Water Technologies, a partner of MITA Cooling Technologies as part of the MITA Group, provided a solution for Clariant’s process water treatment: a Filtrasand sand filter, model FS 3/1.5, to meet all the company’s needs for integrated water cycle management.

3. The key to success

Undoubtedly a key factor in the success of the supply was the integrated water cycle management offerings from MITA Cooling Technologies and MITA Water Technologies, both MITA Group companies. Both the cooling towers and the sand filter are suitable for corrosive process waters such as those in the chemical industry, with low energy use.

The extremely quick design and installation time, on the other hand, met with the explicit favor of the customer.

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