Modular Industrial Cooling Towers for Vedani Aluminium Processing in Italy

Water Cooling for Aluminum Production with Extrusion

A customer relationship cultivated over the years and a successful collaboration between MITA Group companies: over the years, MITA Cooling Technologies and MITA Water Technologies have provided Vedani Group with various cooling and process water treatment solutions, respectively. The result? The client company has successfully scaled its business, while also proving to be a forerunner in environmental sustainability.

  • Two subsequent deliveries to a steel processing company as a result of increases in production scale
  • Solutions: open circuit PME-E towers and large modular PMM towers for different processes
  • Plus from MITA Water Technologies: sand filter, floater and biological system for wastewater recovery
Gruppo Vedani
1995, 2006
Province of Pavia, Italy
Type of interlocutor
End Customer
Scope of application
Aluminum processing (metal treatments)
Story in Brief
Vedani Group was founded in 1982, operating first as a foundry product trading business and then with the production of metallurgical treatment chemicals and mechanical components for the die casting industry. In 2017 and 2019, it received the Excellence Award for Italian SMEs.
List of customer needs
- Cooling and condensation of vapors from production processes (1995 supply): need for dirty water solutions
- Water cooling for aluminum production by continuous casting (extrusion): need for solutions for dirty water, high capacity and maintaining temperature always close to dew point; new installations to cope with the increase in scale of productivity, from a few tons to 60,000 tons of steel produced in one year (2006 supply)
Output fluid and temperature
Water at 28°C, from 45°C inlet (for both supplies)
Ambient air
24°C (wet bulb temperature)
Powers required
- 11 MW (first supply, 1995)
- 19 MW (second supply, 2006)
Technologies provided
- No. 4 PME 4815 GS open circuit cooling towers: dirty water exchange pack (first supply, 1995)
- No. 3 PMM 20 modular cooling towers: for large industrial plants, exchange pack for dirty water (second supply, 2006)
Other special offers
Wastewater treatment systems from MITA Water Technologies, a MITA Group company (1995 supply)
- Filtrasand sand filter for treatment of tailings process water
- Floater for clarifying stormwater before sending it to the treatment plant
- Biorulli rotating biological contactors for biological treatment of water, from canteen and changing rooms, pre-spill into water bodies
Key to success
- An integrated offering for the entire water cycle management through cooperation between MITA Cooling Technologies and MITA Water Technologies (1995 supply)
- Established relationship of trust between MITA and Vedani technical department (2006 supply)
- Efficient cooling of production processes
- Recovery and reuse of process water: efficiency and environmental sustainability

1. Installation context

In 1995 and 2006, MITA Cooling Technologies, a company part of MITA Group, provided several solutions to Gruppo Vedani, an end customer in the aluminum processing industry (Pavia province). Over the years, Vedani has faced a significant increase in productivity scale, from a few tons to 60,000 tons of aluminum produced per year.

Similarly, the company’s cooling needs have changed significantly: in 1995 the need was for cooling and condensation of vapors from the production processes; in 2006, the production of aluminum itself by continuous casting (extrusion) also needed new heat disposal solutions. In addition, while at first the main focus was on dirty water cooling, later the installation of large coolers for vast industrial plants became necessary.

Not only that. Vedani Group has always been attentive to sustainability issues: since 1995, therefore, the company has also required systems for the recovery, treatment and reuse of process wastewater: all this long before recycling of the blue resource became a necessity for industries and environmental awareness in this regard became widespread.

2. Proposed solution

To meet Vedani’s needs, MITA Cooling Technologies has provided several solutions at different periods. This began in 1995, with the installation of four PME 4815 E GS open circuit cooling towers designed to handle the cooling and condensation of vapors from production processes. In addition, MITA Water Technologies, a MITA Group company, provided wastewater treatment systems, including a Filtrasand sand filter to treat process water from processing queues, a floater for stormwater clarification, and Biorulli rotating biological contactors for biological water treatment.

Then, in 2006, MITA Cooling Technologies again came to meet Vedani’s needs, proposing and installing three PMM 20 modular cooling towers for cooling water used in aluminum production by continuous casting (extrusion). Three focuses of the new supply: high cooling capacities (with large size and flow rate solutions), handling of dirty water, and maintenance of near dew temperature according to design specifications.

3. Results and key to success

The solutions provided by MITA Cooling Technologies and MITA Water Technologies have led to several positive results for Vedani Group.

First of all, the efficient cooling of production processes has enabled Vedani to successfully manage the scaling up of aluminum production by ensuring adequate temperatures. In addition, thanks to the water treatment systems provided by MITA Water Technologies, Vedani has been able to recover and reuse process water, contributing to efficiency and environmental sustainability.

A key factor in the success of this collaboration was undoubtedly the integrated offering of water management solutions by MITA Cooling Technologies and MITA Water Technologies. The ability to provide a complete package of cooling and wastewater treatment solutions simplified the decision-making process for Vedani by offering integrated water cycle management.

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