Quality, Environment and Safety Certifications

We have an integrated management system for Quality, Environment and Safety. For some years, we have been producing the energy for our production processes internally and in a sustainable way.


We always innovate the quality of our products and processes together with the other companies of the MITA Group.

We are certified:

  • ISO 9001 for our Quality System,
  • ISO 45001 for Safety,
  • ISO 14001 for the Environment.

The ISO standards set the requirements for an integrated management system that follows the Deming cycle (plan – do – check – act) and therefore aim at continuous improvement of the organization.

Certified performance of coolers

A need sometimes specified by customers is to be able to count on certified performance.

For this reason, two MITA product lines (PMS K12 and PME-E K12 cooling towers) are certified by Eurovent and Cooling Technology Institute.