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MITA Cooling Technologies supports customers with preliminary performances and resource use analysis to propose always the best cooling solution.
30,000 coolers installed worldwide, 35 countries served directly. 60 years of history lived as a commitment to engineers, plant integrators and end-users.

The 1960s and 1970s: distributors and manufacturers of cooling towers in Italy

1960. On 7 March, Materiali Isolanti Termotecnici ed Antinquinamento, abbreviated as M.I.T.A., was founded (in 2018 it became MITA Cooling Technologies). At this early stage, we were Italian licensees of fibreglass evaporative towers.

1966. We produced our first fibreglass evaporative towers for small and medium-sized users (PMS and PMD series).

1973. A water treatment division of MITA was created. An independent company called MITA Biorulli in 2001 (since 2018 under the name MITA Water Technologies).

MITA in the Seventies_Story of MITA Cooling Technologies #2
Old PMS Cooling Tower_Story of MITA Cooling Technologies

The 1980s and 1990s: we started to grow in industrial and civil cooling

1980.MITA produced the PMC series, the first ancestor of the current PME-E: monolithic solutions, but installable in modules, to increase the power disposed of. 5,000 machines sold.

1995.MITA expanded and moved from Milan to San Giuliano Milanese. In 2003, the new headquarters in Siziano were opened.

1999.15,000 machines sold in the process industry and HVAC.

2000 – 2015: a complete range of evaporative and adiabatic coolers

2005. With the PMM tower, consisting of pre-assembled modules, we reached a disposal capacity of 14 MW. The MCC closed circuit towers, the MCE evaporative condensers and the small Mgel towers for ice cream parlours (now ECONOMAX) were also launched.

2008. First patented adiabatic coolers and condensers. We built a hybrid system model (evaporative plus dry) and became a supplier of “container” evaporative towers for rental.

2012.Acquisition of TORRAVAL Cooling, a manufacturer of large cooling towers.

Modular Cooling Tower Rendering
Elite Program_Story of MITA Cooling Technologies_

The present: consultants, not just manufacturers

2017. We expanded our range of PAD-V adiabatic coolers and developed the patented Alchemist sub-cooler, with which we entered commercial refrigeration and the world of natural refrigerants.

2018. The Group companies gathered around MITA Group S.p.A. MITA Cooling Technologies was admitted to “Elite”, the international program of Borsa Italiana.

2019. Frigofluid (industrial chillers and dry coolers) became part of the MITA Group.

2020.MITA Cooling Technologies assists the customer in the pre-selection and configuration of the best solution thanks to advanced software solutions.

Agenda 2030

Optimised efficiency, energy savings and reduced resource use. We will meet these needs with our experience, and our advanced tools: specific software and 4.0 machines.

Industry 4.0. Connected coolers, controlled performance, predictive maintenance, easily accessible to all customers.

Simplicity. We will never stop designing solutions that are easy to maintain, designed for those who work every day on industrial and civil installations. The innovative industrial cooler of 2030 will be as easy to use as the one back in 1960.

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