Economax Cooling Tower for Ice-Cream parlours

Economax Cooling Tower for Ice-Cream Parlors

water saving for display cases, batch freezers and pasteurizers

Ice cream shops waste from 3,000 to 7,000 euros of water every year to cool their equipment: Economax cooling tower for ice cream shops cut water consumption of display cases, batch freezers and pasteurizers. A compact, silent and environmentally friendly solution.

Ubelievable water savings.

Ubelievable water savings. Up to 95% savings in operational costs.

Reduced dimensions.

Reduced dimensions. Ideal for confined spaces and ice cream laboratories..

Quick pay-back.

Quick pay-back. Pre-selection performed together with the client, based on their project requirement.

Very low energy use.

Very low energy use. Compared to chillers and economizers.

How it Works

Economax is a machine designed and built for the recovery, in a closed cycle, of the water used in the utility circuits usually found in artisan ice cream parlors (batch freezers, pasteurizers, display cases, etc.).

The machines that produce cold are water-cooled and use large quantities: the simplest and cheapest solution against water waste is the use of a cooling tower which, using a simple evaporative principle, causes a lowering of the temperature of the main body of water, which can thus be reused.

The Economax cooling tower for ice-cream parlors exploits the principle of evaporative cooling, causing a lowering of the temperature of the main water mass which can thus be reused. Find out more on the Economax website – Cooling tower for artisan ice cream parlors

Find out more on Economax website

Sustainability of the Evaporative Cooler

Environmental and economic sustainability of all MITA cooling towers

  • Use of water for efficient heat transfer (i.e., cooling of the process fluid).
  • Low and further optimizable energy use.
  • Extremely small installation spaces.
  • Falls within the product categories that MITA is able to regenerate.
  • Indication of “carbon footprint” from the MITA team.
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