Adiabatic Dry Coolers and Adiabatic Condensers

Smart cooling: less water, less noise. Adiabatic dry coolers and adiabatic condensers are the ideal technology to save resources while maintaining good performances during the whole year.

It is the optimum solution to increase the efficiency of air systems, reducing water use and avoiding the risks associated with its management. This is why MITA has expanded its range with an even more innovative, simple and reliable series.Air cooling systems are based on sensible heat exchange between the fluid flowing inside the tubes of a battery and the air that brushes against the finned surface of the latter.To increase efficiency even in the summer, the PAD-V series humidifies the air before it hits the coils’ finned surface.So it significantly lowers the temperature and the system gains efficiency even in the hottest period.

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  • Dry operation: provided during the winter/autumn. The external air is drawn in and conveyed onto the finned coils. The humidification process is deactivated, no water is present, the humidifier pack is dry and the pump circuit is disconnected. The temperature probes, at the outlet of the cooled fluid and inside the machine, modulate the speed of the fan(s) to optimise power use.
  • Adiabatic operation: provided during hot periods. External air is drawn in and forced through the humidifier pack (protected inside the machine), where decreases its temperature. Short wetting cycles, with homogeneous distribution of water in the pack, ensure the maximum air humidifying efficiency.The adiabatically cooled air is subsequently conveyed to the finned coils. This wet mode significantly increases the heat exchange efficiency of the cooler in the hottest period of the year. Wetting cycles consist of a large quantity of water falling on the humidifier pack. The excess water is recovered by means of a recirculation circuit, in order to minimize water consumption.The switch between the operating modes is automatic and customizable, as operating conditions are constantly controlled. Probes also measure process water temperature and regulate fan RPM in order to ensure optimized operating costs.
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    Evaporative and adiabatic condenser for a dairy in the Langhe region

    Langhe, a historic area of Piedmont known for its wines and haute cuisine. MITA Cooling Technologies has participated in the modernization of the refrigeration system of a local dairy with two different solutions: the MCE evaporative condenser and the PAD G-C adiabatic gas cooler. Both were required by the project design lead company, the Telos design studio with engineers Claudio Tarsitano and Alessandro Pasini.

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