MITA Group

Reliability, Sustainability, Innovation

A global team of 150 people: engineers, manufacturers and above all advisors for cooling, refrigeration and wastewater treatment technologies. We serve both industrial and the civil sector. The same mission: to always be by your side, from design to after-sales.

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MITA Cooling Technologies Logo

Since 1960 MITA Cooling Technologies has been developing, manufacturing and marketing cooling systems: cooling towers and evaporative condensers, adiabatic dry coolers, subcoolers. Not only manufacturers of industrial solutions: MITA acts as a cooling advisor in all phases of a plant design.

Today the company has over 30,000 machines installed and serves more than 35 countries around the world.

MITA Cooling Technologies participates in the “Elite” program promoted by Borsa Italiana.

Industrial Area of Milan, Italy

TORRAVAL Cooling Logo

Fifty years of industry cooling.

Since 1967 TORRAVAL Cooling has been designing and manufacturing customized cooling equipment for the customer: field-erected cooling towers for oil & amp; gas and power generation, revamping services also on large plants, after-sales assistance and spare parts.

Bilbao (Basque country), Spain

PU Field-Erected Cooling Tower
Riparazione Torri di Raffreddamento da Intercal

Logo INTERCAL Cooling

The service component is crucial in industrial cooling: the goal is to have industrial coolers that are always efficient and safe. This is what Intercal, which has been in business for more than 35 years in the installation and maintenance of cooling towers and evaporative condensers, has been 100% acquired by TORRAVAL Cooling (part of MITA Group).

Some of the products and services offered: spare parts, tower disinfection, maintenance and consulting for new coolers.

Barcelona (Catalonia), Spain

Frigofluid Logo

Since 1995 the Frigofluid team has been designing and manufacturing systems for temperature control in industrial processes: chillers for process fluids, industrial dry coolers, temperature controllers, turnkey systems.

Alongside the customer also with customized solutions and services in all production processes.

Brescia, Italy

Industrial Chillers
MITA Water Technologies

MITA Water Technologies Logo

Design and production of treatment solutions for all civil and industrial wastewater, particularly for tertiary treatments.

MITA Water Technologies has been a division of MITA Cooling Technologies since 1971 and established as an independent company in 2001: twenty-five years of experience in wastewater filtration, with the design of increasingly innovative equipment.

The awareness that quality and reliability must be guaranteed throughout the useful life of the products has prompted the company to design MITA Lifecycle Services.

Industrial Area of Milan, Italy

Tools to help you choose

Cooling Advisors

First goal: ask the right questions to the customer and involve him selecting the best cooler. We have been doing this since 1960.

Preliminary plant evaluation

The visit to the plant is a fundamental moment to find the right information on your needs, together with your technicians and the engineering firms involved.

Tailor-made design

Complete range of coolers and chillers, dozens of variants for each type, solutions for each application and important customizations: MITA's design is truly tailor-made.