Torre di Raffreddamento per Azienda Svedese del Pet Food

Cooling tower for Swedish Pet Food Company

A historic Swedish animal feed industry has been scaling up its production, with MITA Cooling Technologies meeting its cooling needs in part thanks to CAMpreq, MITA’s Swedish partner with extensive experience in process cooling.

  • Large Swedish pet food company
  • Needs: process cooling, scaling up of production
  • Provision of a Eurovent-certified performance cooling tower
Swedish Pet Food Company
Type of interlocutor
National distributor
Scope of application
Food processing
Story in Brief
The client is one of Sweden's largest manufacturers of dog and cat food, with more than 100 years of experience. The company operates in about 20 countries. CAMpreq, formerly CA Morck, has been a Swedish partner of MITA Cooling Technologies for many years and in this capacity handled the installation and assisted the customer during all project phases.
List of customer needs
- Cooling solution for process lines, considering an increase in production scale of a plant in Sweden compared to previous years
- Certified cooling performance
Technologies provided
No. 1 open-circuit cooling tower PME 5703 E K12
Construction Pluses
K12 version with performance certified by the third-party body Eurovent
- Expertise and technical support from CAMpreq and MITA Cooling Technologies
- Adaptation to the new capacity requirements of the company

1. Installation context

The client company of MITA Cooling Technologies and Swedish distributor CAMpreq is a major Swedish manufacturer of dog and cat food with more than 100 years of experience in the industry. The company operates in about 20 countries and is known for the quality of its products.

In 2005, the company needed to install a cooling solution for its process lines, considering an increase in the scale of production at one of its plants compared to previous years. It also required that the cooling performance be certified.


2. Proposed solution

To meet the customer’s needs, MITA Cooling Technologies supplied a PME 5703 E K12 open circuit cooling tower. The K12 mode solution, in addition to performance and energy efficiency, has performance certified by the third-party body Eurovent, confirming the efficiency and quality of the system.

The evaporative cooling tower uses the principle of evaporative cooling, which enables high cooling performance while reducing water usage. This solution is particularly suitable for industrial applications, such as food processing.

3. The key to success

The critical success factor in this case is the combination of CA Morck’s, now CAMpreq’s, technical expertise and the high-quality cooling solutions provided by MITA Cooling Technologies.

“In adapting to the different expansions and new capacity requirements, CA Morck’s wide range of expertise was of great importance, especially the technical support we had during the project. Something that was really appreciated” , said the client company’s technology development manager.

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Torre di Raffreddamento per Azienda Svedese del Pet Food

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