Torri Evaporative MITA per Steriltom Industria Alimentare Conserviera

MITA Corrosion-Fee Cooling Towers for Tomato Processing Line

Steriltom produces high-quality tomato pulp, with exports worldwide. On three occasions, the company has asked MITA for support in cooling its process water and pasteurization plant. We provided eight different cooling towers: different capacities, same attention to the company’s water quality.

  • Company producing made-in-Italy tomato pulp, marketed worldwide
  • Supply of eight cooling towers: capacity from 3.2 to 12.8 MW
  • Anti-clogging solutions for dirty process water
2009 (first supply), 2013 (second supply), 2016 (third supply)
Province of Piacenza, Italy
Type of interlocutor
End customer
Scope of application
Food sector, tomato concentration
Story in Brief
Steriltom has been producing tomato pulp for the food & beverage and industrial sectors since 1934. It currently has a turnover of about 50million euros and is the largest European wholesale producer of this product for the Horeca/Food Service and Industrial channels.
List of customer needs
- Cooling of tomato concentration process water - Container pasteurization plant cooling - Dirty water and anti-fouling solutions
Output fluid and temperature
Water at about 30°C
Powers required
- 12.8 MW (first supply 2009)
- 6.4 MW (second supply 2013)
- 3.2 MW (third supply 2013)
Technologies provided
- No. 4 PME 6704 E GSS open circuit cooling towers (first supply 2009)
- No. 2 PME 6704 E GSS open circuit cooling towers (second supply 2013)
- No. 2 PME 3354 E GSS open circuit cooling towers (third supply 2016)
Other special offers
GS version for all eight installed towers: suitable for dirty water, with wide-passage polypropylene gratings to prevent scaling and clogging
Construction Pluses
Access doors to internal parts for periodic maintenance
Key to success
- Trust relationship established over the years with the customer
- Adherence to project specifications
- Consultative approach during all project phases, from needs analysis to installation

1. Installation context

Steriltom is a family business founded in 1934 by Dario Giuseppe Squeri, specializing in the production of tomato pulp for the food and industrial sectors. It is based in the province of Piacenza, Italy. Steriltom pays attention to the quality of raw materials and strong integration with the local area, working in collaboration with local Agricultural Producer Organizations to choose the best tomato varieties and ensure a sustainable supply. The company has reached a turnover of about 45 million euros, of which more than 55 percent is made abroad.

On three separate occasions between 2009 and 2016, Steriltom expressed to MITA Cooling Technologies the need to cool gradually increasing flow rates of the tomato concentration process water and container pasteurization plant.

2. Proposed solutions

In three different tranches (2009, 2013, 2016), a total of eight PME-E open-circuit cooling towers were supplied, with capacities ranging from 3.2 to 12.8 MW depending on the project needs manifested over the years: all with GS exchange pack with “plash” operation. This key tower component, in dirty water version, has polypropylene gratings with wide passages to prevent fouling and clogging.

PME-E towers have a fiberglass construction, which is completely corrosion-resistant and does not require frequent maintenance or expensive repairs. Access hatches to the internal parts are also included to facilitate periodic maintenance.

3. Results and critical success factor

The critical success factor of these supplies has undoubtedly been the relationship of trust established over the years between Steriltom and MITA Cooling Technologies: different solutions have been provided to the company depending on the needs studied gradually together with the customer for the different process lines.

All this always considering the peculiarity of Steriltom’s process water, which is particularly dirty as for many food industries: therefore, the supply of specially designed systems becomes fundamental, so as to guarantee also resistance over time and operational continuity to the production processes.

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Torri Evaporative MITA per Steriltom Industria Alimentare Conserviera

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