Cooling Towers: How Do They Work? Assoclima Video

News_Assoclima Video on Cooling Tower Maintenance

October 26th, 2018

Cooling towers have long been the most reliable, established and efficient heat rejection devices on the market”. So explains the educational video produced by Assoclima, the Association of Air Conditioning System Manufacturers, a member of the ANIMA federation (Confindustria). The aim of the initiative, in partnership with leading manufacturers, is to describe how cooling towers work and why they make sense from both a technical and economic perspective.

How do cooling towers work

Firstly, their performances can be measured and certified by associations like  Eurovent and CTI: “With an air/environment temperature of 38°C and 35% relative humidity, a tower can cool water by up to 28°C”. Whether it is open or closed circuit with centrifugal or axial fan: all cases graphically illustrated by the video, applicable  to different civil or industrial contexts.

Other advantages of cooling towers…

  • Reduced footprints with space savings of up to 70% compared with other cooling systems.
  • Low electricity consumption: up to 4 times lower than other systems.
  • Low noise emissions.

The information video can be viewed below (or at this link).


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