Cooling Towers: How Do They Work? Assoclima Video

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“Cooling towers have always been the most reliable, well-established and efficient heat disposal system available on the market today”.

This is explained in a popularization video by Assoclima, the Association of Air Conditioning System Manufacturers federated to ANIMA (Confindustria). The purpose of the initiative, in partnership with major manufacturers, is to tell how cooling towers work and what their technical and economic viability is based on.

First, performance is measurable and certifiable by bodies such as Eurovent and CTI: “With 38° C design air/ambient temperature and 35 percent relative humidity, a tower can cool water down to 28° C”. Whether open-loop or closed-loop, centrifugally or axially ventilated: all cases graphically illustrated by the video, applicable to different civil or industrial contexts.

Learn about types and applications of cooling towers

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Other advantages of cooling towers…

  • Smaller footprint, saving up to 70% more space than other cooling systems.
  • Low power consumption: up to 4 times lower compared to other systems.
  • Low noise levels.

The informative video can be viewed below (or at this link).

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