MITA Group acquires Frigofluid


Milan, 21 June 2019 – Yesterday MITA Group S.p.A. acquired 70% of the company FRIGOFLUID S.r.l. (, active since 1995 and based in Bedizzole (BS).

The company operates in the sector of temperature control systems in industrial processes. Particularly, it engineers, manufactures and sells process coolers and chillers together with water-operated and oil-operated temperature controllers.

MITA Group is one of the leading European manufacturers of cooling towers and adiabatic coolers for industrial processes and air conditioning, evaporative condensers for industrial and commercial refrigeration; and wastewater treatment and filtration systems. It operates through its subsidiaries MITA Cooling Technologies, TORRAVAL Cooling (Spain) and MITA Water Technologies.

Alessandro Fontana, Chairman Director of MITA Group, said: “The acquisition of Frigofluid is perfectly in line with the development and growth strategy of MITA Group in the field of process cooling, industrial and commercial chilling, air conditioning systems and energy production. In fact, now we are adding refrigerating technologies to evaporative and adiabatic ones, on which MITA Cooling Technologies has been basing its evolution since 1960. This way we significantly expand our offer of integrated solutions to support our value proposition. The synergies in commercial, technological and production terms will allow us to further strengthen our competitive positioning and create value we will invest in product and solution development. Maximum energy efficiency and respect for the environment will be key”.

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