Air Liquid Cooler

Heat exchanger usually consisting of a coil with copper tubes and aluminium fins. These last are aimed at increasing the contact surface with the air.

Our range of applications

Cogeneration and Trigeneration

Snowmaking Plants

Cooling Technologies for a High-Quality Food Process_Case Study

Food Industry

Cooling technologies for food industry must help preserve the quality of the finished product (and of the process liquid): this is true even more than in other industries. Closed circuit cooling towers and “hybrid towers” can make their contribution.

Cooling Technologies for Metal Working


Foundries, steel mills, aluminum production lines: the plant managers of these industries require operational continuity, significant thermal jumps in cooling and cost containment for management and maintenance. Remote management platforms are an ally.

Cooling Technologies for Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sector

We are talking about systems of very different sizes: as industrial fluid temperatures change the cooler must be sized accordingly. The operational continuity is fundamental, while the good life of the cooler is particularly appreciated (also thanks to non-corrodible solutions). Noise is not a problem, thanks to sound-absorbing technical solutions.

Cooling Technologies for Textile Industry and Tanneries #1

Textile Industry and Tanneries

The demands of these industries are linked to the most variable temperature changes, depending on the single production process. An example is the drying of leather in tanneries, carried out thanks to vacuum pumps: the liquid ring of these tools is cooled by a cooling tower. Usually, dirty water is treated: for this very reason, open cooling towers with wide-passage exchange packs are suggested. The durability of the solutions adopted is appreciated: fiberglass is a plus.

Cooling Technologies for Paper Mills

Paper Mills

In this sector, high water flow rates best fit large industrial cooling towers. It is often required to transport the units over great distances: for this reason, it is advantageous to rely on modular and / or “container” solutions, which also reduce management and installation costs.

Cooling Technologies for Plastic Moulding

Plastic and Rubber Processing

The plastics industry has gradually become attentive to operating resource use optimization and environmental sustainability: this is why adiabatic cooling systems seem ideal. Sometimes output temperatures below zero are required: in these cases we go to ad hoc chillers for industrial processes.

Cooling Technologies for Wastewater Treatment Plants

Industrial Wastewater

The different phases of the industrial water treatment process require defined cooling temperatures in accordance with regulations. In this sector, it is preferable to use cooling towers with anti-clogging fill packs for industrial contaminated water.

Cooling Technologies for Mechanical Industry

Mechanical Industry

The mechanical industry includes the most diverse sectors, in addition to metal and plastic processing: compressors and test benches are significant examples. Required temperature differences and water quality vary greatly depending on the industry: evaporative cooling towers can be used, preferably open-circuit ones (with exchange packs for dirty or clean water depending on the context) and adiabatic coolers for consumption optimize.

Cooling Technologies for a Biodiesel Plant_Case Study

Oil & Gas

These industries are characterized by very high water flow rates. Modular industrial cooling towers, easily transportable over long distances despite their large size, are often suggested together with large concrete field-erected cooling towers.

Cooling Technologies for Offices


Low noise levels to ease daily life: this is the “must” of the cooling circuits attached to the air conditioning systems in the offices. Configurations suitable for restricted or peculiar spaces are also often required: the ideal are open circuit cooling towers with sound-absorbing technologies, possibly equipped with versatile centrifugal fans.

Cooling Towers for Bologna Hospital

Healthcare Facilities

Hospital engineers pay attention to two fundamental needs: low noise level and simple maintenance to always keep equipment safe and efficient. Cooling technologies can meet these needs: evaporative and adiabatic coolers with sound-absorbing solutions, preferably with large accesses for internal inspections. The non-corrodible fiberglass can be a plus for useful machinery lifecycle extension.

Shopping Centers

The air conditioning systems in shopping centers must ensure low noise levels: the same goes for the attached coolers. Therefore, the engineering firms and plant installers are concerned with installing cooling solutions with sound-absorbing technologies, mostly evaporative. A further plus is the need to place the machine in confined spaces.

Cooling Towers for National Opera in Ukraine_Case Study

Tertiary Sector

Cinemas, theaters, buildings for public entertainment have the same needs as offices: the cooling units, attached to the air conditioning systems, must be silent and adapt to small spaces: also in this case, open-circuit cooling towers with sound-absorbing technologies are ideal. Centrifugal fans ensure space adaption, while non-corroding fibreglass extends product lifecycle.

Cooling Technologies for a Feta Cheese Logistics Center in Greece_Case Study

Cold Chain

Foodstuff storage at temperatures below zero can be implemented through different types of natural or non-natural refrigerants: evaporative or adiabatic condensers can be indicated, depending on whether the company is focused on performance or resource use optimization. Low noise solutions are often appreciated.

Cooling Technologies for Food Storage in Refrigeration

Refrigeration in the Food Sector

Refrigeration in the food sector is linked to production lines in food & beverage: the optimization of efficiency and resources (water and energy) are the most requested needs by customers. Evaporative and adiabatic condensers must be able to manage different refrigerant gases based on project requirements.

Cooling Technologies in the Supermarkets

Large-Scale Distribution and Supermarkets

Supermarkets and large-scale distribution are increasingly attentive to environmental sustainability: hence the choice to use natural refrigerants for chillers. In these cases, the adiabatic subcooler patented by MITA guarantees an extra step in efficiency: a solution that can be easily integrated into the system.

La nostra gamma di prodotti

Open-Circuit Cooling Towers

Open-Circuit Cooling Towers

The watchword of MITA open evaporative (or ‘wet’) cooling towers is “simplicity”. Installation, working operations, maintenance, safe and efficient management are not a problem at all.

Closed-Circuit Cooling Towers

Closed-Circuit Cooling Towers

A double advantage for your system with closed circuit (or “dry”) cooling towers: the efficiency of evaporative cooling plus fluid “protected” inside a closed circuit. Easy access and maintenance to the internal coils, fiberglass basin and a possibility of free cooling mode.

PAD-V Adiabatic Dry Cooler

Dry Coolers and Adiabatic Dry Coolers

Easy installation and operation, remote control, and zero water usage: industrial dry coolers are the right solution for cooling fluids that do not require low to medium process temperatures (fluid outlet temperature higher than room temperature). “Smart cooling” is then represented by adiabatic dry coolers: thanks to the humidification of a specific section, fluid outlet temperatures equal to room temperature can be achieved, or depending on the setting of operating parameters, significant reductions in energy consumption. Ideal for those who want to save resources while maintaining good performance throughout the year.

Evaporative Condensers

Evaporative Condensers and Adiabatic Condensers

Ease of use, efficiency and remote control 4.0 when requested by the customer: these are MITA refrigerant condensers. They represent an alternative to the classic water condenser with evaporative tower or systems with air-cooled finned coils.

Alchemist Subcooler for the Commercial Refrigeration

Adiabatic Subcoolers

How can you multiply the efficiency of CO2 or natural refrigerant systems? Through the patented MITA subcoolers, which can be easily installed in the refrigerators of supermarkets and large-scale distribution. MITA patent for adiabatic cooling.

Industrial Chillers

Industrial Chillers

Output temperatures down to -20 ° and remote control as a standard: the industrial chillers proposed by MITA are suitable for all the industrial processes.

Integrated System for Cooling Management

Integrated Systems

A set of advanced tools to monitor the industrial cooler everywhere, optimize its performances and resource use, integrate it truly with all production processes.

Cooler Remanufacturing

MITA Remanufactured Industrial Coolers

MITA customers can also consider purchasing remanufactured cooling technologies. One more solution with many advantages and extremely sustainable.

Spare Parts for Cooling Technologies

Spare Parts

Keep your cooling system efficient and safe by replacing its obsolete components. The result? It will look like a newly installed technology.

Industrial Dry Cooler

Industrial Dry Coolers

Ease of installation and use, remote control and zero water use. Industrial dry coolers are the right solution for cooling fluids requiring medium-high output process temperatures.