MITA Coolers on BIM Databases

MCE Evaporative Condenser on BIM Objects

Three MITA coolers are now present on BIM databases, with related technical drawings.

On BIM websites, designers and builders can download technical drawings (in accordance with international standards such as PAS1192 and COBie) and insert them within their own plant projects.

Currently they are present on Skeinforce:

Instead, this is a profile of MITA and its cooling systems on BIM Objects.

The BIM methodology, acronym for Building Information Modeling, is increasingly widespread due to the possibility of digitally representing both the physical and functional characteristics of an object (according to its definition): indeed, BIM files associate with graphic and physical attributes. Focus is on interoperability between software and processes used in the engineering field.

It is therefore an action that MITA Cooling Technologies will deepen over time to meet the needs of consultants and engineers, committed to their customers innovative, effective and even international plant solutions.

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