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Cooler Remanufacturing

MITA Remanufactured Industrial Coolers: now one more, Truly Sustainable Solution

We decided to establish internal guidelines to promote the take-back and remanufacturing of those devices that have the potential for

Cooling Tower Protection

Additional protection for cooling towers with C-Protection Coating

The cooling towers offered by MITA Cooling Technologies are made made of long-lasting materials: fibreglass, PP and PVC, hot-dip galvanized

Adiabatic Cooler Technical Scheme

New Technical Offer: more complete and accurate Information

We work to make the information about our industrial coolers ever more accurate and complete. The goal is to offer

Modular Closed-Circuit Cooling Towers

Closed-Circuit for Large Capacities: this is the New MCC-T Cooling Tower

Sometimes even large industrial plants need to keep process liquid unpolluted from external agents. That is why MITA designed and

PME-E Cooling Towers on BIM Databases

The MITA BIM library is enriched: PME-E cooling tower on BIM databases

The PME-E cooling tower is one of the most requested cooling technologies by MITA customers: it is a cooler designed

MCE Evaporative Condenser on BIM Objects

MITA Coolers on BIM Databases

Three MITA coolers are now present on BIM databases, with related technical drawings.

QR Code of MITA Cooling Technologies

QR Code on the new MITA cooling systems

MITA Cooling Technologies offers truly on-site support thanks to the QR Code labels fitted to the new cooling systems.

MCC Cooling Tower Configured with MITA Project Software

A simple and effective interactive presentation with MITA Project software

A preliminary inspection of the system is the best solution to know the specific needs of a project, providing personalized advice


Reliable over Time: MITA Cooling Towers in Snow-Making Systems

Manufacturers of artificial snow systems know the importance of combining efficient evaporative cooling towers with snow cannons. This is how these devices are increasingly reliable and "4.0".