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Towers with Centrifugal Fan


Open circuit towers.

The MCT series is suggested for small/medium-sized installations and indoor installations. All models are totally pre-assembled at our factory.

– Tower body and tank entirely made of fibreglass, corrosion-free material.

– Fill pack in PVC or PP with a high heat exchange surface.

– Distribution system in PVC or PP equipped with wide non-clogging PP spray nozzles.

– Centrifugal motor-fan with transmission belt, low noise levels.

– Air inlet and outlet silencers available. Capacity: from 28 kW to 1.5MW (indicative capacity referring to a machine, thermal gradient 5°C).

SHELL (casing and basin) entirely made of fibreglass reinforced polyester resin, structurally self-supporting and of exclusive MITA design, with gelcoat external finish as UV-protection.

WATER COLLECTION BASIN with rounded corners, equipped with flanged water outlet, overflow, drain connections and make-up (complete with floating ball) connections.

CENTRIFUGAL FAN SYSTEM with transmission belt made of:

  • Centrifugal fan made of galvanized metal sheet
  • Three-phase electric motor, sealed execution (IP56), construction form B3, multi-voltage (230/400 – 400/690 V) and multi-frequency (50-60 Hertz), with tropicalized windings, class F insulation
  • Belt transmission with pulleys and trapezoidal belt
  • Fan protection grid in stainless steel AISI 304

NUTS AND BOLTS in stainless steel AISI 304.

DRIFT ELIMINATORS, high efficient, certified by EUROVENT, consisting of three folds PP sheets, thermoformed under vacuum and welded together to form panels of such shape and size as to guarantee maximum efficiency of droplet separation from the airflow drawn by the fan.

WATER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM made of PN 10 pipes and connectors complete with flanged connection, entirely made of plastic material, consisting in a main header and branches with non-clogging, static type, spray nozzles.
This system grants a perfect and even perfusion of the fill pack, and therefore an optimal performance.
The non-clogging nozzles are made of isotactic polypropylene with full cone (120° angle) spraying.

FILL PACK (or heat exchange surface) consisting of PVC or PP sheets, thermoformed under vacuum and welded together (air/water channels of different kinds suitable for the cooling of different water types).
The shape and the size of the fill pack optimise the contact between air and water, and therefore the heat transfer process.

All models are available in the following special versions:

  • ATT – for high temperature water (max. peaks of 80 °C)
  • SILENT– air inlet and outlet silencers to reduce the noise


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