We operate as consultants, always by our customers’ side during all project phases: personalized pre-sale assistance, guarantees to ensure the optimal launch of a cooling project, on-site support during installation, complete customer care services.




Setting off together

Reference: export@mitact.it


Consultancy Based Approach - MITA Cooling Technologies

Advisory approach in support of the customer

Feed-back within two days from the initial contact, a MITA consultant to understand and address the customer’s cooling needs.

Customized Solutions - MITA Cooling Technologies

Maximum adaptability for your project

Totally customized products, non-standard solutions for specific needs, almost silent systems for civil and non-civil contexts.

Certifications - MITA Cooling Technologies

Guarantees of having chosen a reliable partner

ISO 9001 certifications; two product lines with Eurovent / CTI performance certificates (PMS K12 and PME-E K12). ISO 14001 (environmental management) and EN 45001 (health and safety) pending. Institutional presence at the Italian and European regulatory round tables for the efficiency and safety of cooling solutions.


Performance & Optimization Analysis - MITA Cooling Technologies

Performance analysis and optimization

The guarantee of choosing the best cooler for consumption management needs, thanks to the MITA ECO COOLER software.

Supporting Information - MITA Cooling Technologies

All supporting information

Product and service brochures, web technical articles and support resources on our website: MITA reliability and experience.

Cooling Integrated Systems - MITA Cooling Technologies

Integrated systems for cooler management

Systems for consumption control and water management. Cooling plants, remote management platform (industry 4.0).


>> Find out more about our integrated systems




By your side during installation

Rerence: export@mitact.it   

Personal assistance from the MITA project manager


Technical Documentation - MITA Cooling Technologies

Complete technical documentation

Multilingual, clear and complete instruction manuals and technical specifications.

Installation Assistance - MITA Cooling Technologies

On-site assistance

Preliminary inspection, handling assistance and help during installation.

Technical Training - MITA Cooling Technologies

Technical training for operators

Courses to train staff on the correct machine maintenance and operation.


>> Ask us for more information on installation services




Customer care after purchase

Reference: service@mitact.it


Spare Parts - MITA Cooling Technologies

Spare parts

We can supply a wide range of original spare parts: motors, fans, water distribution systems, heat exchange packs and adiabatic packs, drop separators, louvers.

Management Advice - MITA Cooling Technologies

Management consulting

According to the currently applicable guidelines: tower water treatment, correct maintenance, good practices to keep the cooler efficient and safe.

Technical Specialists - MITA Cooling Technologies

Specialized technicians

Our specialized technicians can provide ordinary, extraordinary and scheduled maintenance and cooler cleaning. Possible management of cooling system sanitization on request.


Inspection - MITA Cooling Technologies

Inspection visits and scheduled maintenance

Free inspection visits by our technical sales staff. Contracts for technical inspections and for scheduled maintenance of your cooler.

Remote Control - MITA Cooling Technologies

Remote management

We can remotely monitor the key parameters of your cooler through the MITA Connect platform. The extension of the electrical panel of the cooling systems can be acquired to carry out the operation independently.

Communications - MITA Cooling Technologies

Periodic communications

MITA will contact you via email to remind you of the importance of good maintenance. All news and updates of products and services provided on our social channels.


>> Download the brochure on after-sales services and spare parts




Services for Cooling Technologies

Efficiency and safety of coolers go hand in hand with proper maintenance.

We follow the official guidelines of international bodies while advising you on the best solution for correct plant management and for water treatment in the case of cooling towers, including Eurovent, Assoclima (Confindustria – Italian Association of Industries) and the Cooling Technology Institute. Ensuring an institutional presence at Italian and European regulatory round tables is one of our objectives.

Documents available on the Resources page of our website.



>> Find out the official guidelines for proper cooler management




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