PAD-V Adiabatic Cooler Condenser for a Plastic Processing Line in Italy

Extraordinary water savings for the plastics industry with the MITA adiabatic system

For the cooling circuit of its production plant, a plastics processing company in Lecco has chosen the PAD-V cooler: the environmentally sustainable system that delivers the unrivalled benefit of slashing water and energy bills to a minimum. With no loss in efficiency.

1. Processing plastics with respect for the environment

The company supplied with the PAD-V system by MITA Cooling Technologies manufactures plastic pots, with a strong emphasis given to the latest trends in style and aesthetics. The company ha customers throughtout the world and it works closely with major brands in contemporary design.

And not only. To further distinguish its production from competitors, the company has transformed environmental sustainability into a brand. As company managers put it, “The raw materials used are 100% free from heavy metals that are harmful to the environment.”

Sustainability is also applied to manufacturing processes. The moulding machines and chillers used in the facility are the latest generation, making it possible to reduce CO2.

The choice of cooling system followed the same logic.

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2. Company requirements: increase efficiency, while reducing costs

It is not often that a customer, when meeting our sales team for the first time, expresses an interest in the environmental sustainability of the solution they wish to acquire.

The cooling of machines used to process plastics should not result in the overuse of water and energy. The company wanted to put into practice, in the most literal way possible, the already strict local legislation regarding the use of natural resources.

3. The adiabatic solution: reduce resource use, not efficiency

An adiabatic cooler and condenser, commonly referred to as an adiabatic dry cooler, and incorrectly as an “adiabatic cooling tower”, uses the cooling action of the air alone during the autumn and winter: in this way, the cold outdoor air reaches the battery circuit containing the fluid to be cooled. The outside air is only adiabatically cooled using water during the spring and summer, before being conveyed to the batteries

The natural consequence is that, for half of the year, there is no need to use water in the system.

The PAD-V liquid cooler is designed to achieve the following advantages:

  • further savings on water use, thanks to the flocked PVC humidifier pack;
  • short wetting cycles even during the hotter periods of the year (approximately 15 seconds every half hour);
  • the PVC grilles protect the adiabatic section from sunlight and contamination;
  • automatic management of all operating parameters by the PLC;
  • no need for water treatment;
  • easy inspection of internal components.

The PAD-V adiabatic system integrates the vast range of MITA Cooling Technologies evaporative coolers: tailored technical solutions for different contexts and needs.

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