Case Study_Fibreglass Plus in Corrosive Environments

The Advantages of Fiberglass for Corrosive Industrial Environments

The common factor in all MITA evaporative cooling towers is fiberglass, a plastic material that is excellent for ensuring durability. It is a technical feature also successfully tested by a major Russian salt producer.

  • Azienda russa produttrice di sale
  • Fornitura di torri di raffreddamento in vetroresina contro la corrosione
  • Caratteristiche tecniche anti-condensa per climi freddi
Russian salt producer
Tula Region, Russia
Type of interlocutor
Scope of application
Food industry
List of customer needs
Resistance (saline and corrosive environment)
Technologies provided
No. 3 PMS open circuit cooling towers
Other special offers
Anti-condensation heater for cold temperature environments
Key to success
- Fiberglass solution, non-corrosive and durable
- Ongoing advice from local distributor

1. Installation context

The company in question is a salt producer located in the Tula region of Russia. It is a company active in the food industry and is involved in salt production. The company had a specific need to renovate parts of its plant due to the corrosive environment in the installation area.

2. Proposed solution

To meet this need, the company opted to install three PMS open-circuit fiberglass cooling towers, supplied by MITA. The fiberglass cooling towers offer corrosion resistance and durability.

3. Key success factors

The key to the success of this solution was the choice of fiberglass as the main material for the cooling towers. Fiberglass is a plastic material that offers corrosion resistance and durability, suitable for saline and corrosive environments. In addition, the advice provided by the local distributor contributed to the successful selection of fiberglass cooling towers.

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