PMS Cooling Tower in New Caledonia_Case Study

A PMS Tower also in New Caledonia

A MITA cooling tower has been installed on beautiful Noumea (New Caledonia), in the middle of the Pacific. This was thanks to the trust of Carhis, a French distributor who supplied the solution to a major local manufacturing company.

  • Paper solutions company in New Caledonia (Pacific)
  • Intermediary: international player in the marketing of industrial solutions
  • Cooling tower in container version
Household tissue paper converter company
New Caledonia
Type of interlocutor
Scope of application
Story in Brief
The end user of the MITA solution is based in New Caledonia and converts paper semi-finished products from maxi-rolls to finished products. Carhis, the installing company, purchased the MITA solution on behalf of the Polynesian customer: the company has 20 years of experience and operates especially in two international contexts: countries on the African continent and Dom-Tom (French Overseas Departments and Regions).
List of customer needs
Replacement of an obsolete cooling tower
Searching for a durable solution
Technologies provided
No.1 PMS 9/85 open circuit cooling tower for small plants
Key to success
Fiberglass solution: non-corrodibility and durability over time
Tower in container version for long-distance transport
Ongoing support for the intermediary (Carhis company)

1. Customer

Carhis, headquartered in Marseille, exports a very wide selection of industrial technologies: especially plumbing and air conditioning systems, thermoregulators, and even chillers and coolers.

The operations of the company’s team require not only technical and logistical expertise in the selection and handling of all the equipment handled. But also in-depth knowledge of markets and target audiences far from Europe. As the website makes clear, Carhis operates particularly in two international contexts: countries on the African continent and Dom-Tom (French Overseas Departments and Regions), then also New Caledonia.

The more than two decades of experience of its founders in the field puts them in a position to understand the real needs of customers and to choose the best solutions even among cooling technology players. Such as MITA Cooling Technologies.

2. Cooling needs

Carhis fulfilled its order on behalf of a major New Caledonia company, active as a converter of household tissue paper (from maxi-rolls to finished product). The task was to replace an outdated cooling tower with a new and possibly long-lasting one.

Of course, the long transportation distance from Europe to Noumea, on the Pacific, was a factor.

3. Proposed solution

The choice of Carhis and the end user fell on an open-circuit cooling tower type PMS 9/85: a compact solution structurally consisting of a single self-supporting block, suitable for small plants and moderate water flow rates. Its small footprint meant that transportation was not a problem. All MITA towers are made of fibreglass, which makes these structures lightweight, non-corrodible and therefore durable. So does the distribution system, made of PVC or PP.

Additional benefits for the end user: low noise levels and maintenance made easy by the large doors for inspection of internal parts.

4. Key to success

Durability over time of MITA towers, all made of fiberglass, was the preferred criterion of choice by Carhis. In addition, the ease of transport of industrial solutions is an important criterion for installation in contexts far from those of production: all MITA towers have versions suitable for transport in containers, not exceeding standard dimensions.

Working with an international player like Carhis, continuous and dedicated support is also important.

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