PMM Open Circuit Cooling Towers for SSAB Global Steel Processor in Sweden_Case Study

Industrial cooling towers for a steel processing plant in Sweden

MITA Cooling Technologies has provided two open circuit PMM towers for a Swedish global steel processor, SSAB. A few years ago, we received very positive feedback concerning technical design and performances.

The installed towers comprise large pre-assembled modular cells carried on nine trailers from the plant in Siziano in Italy directly to Oxelösund.

1. SSAB Oxelösund: the company and its cooling requirements

As explained on the SSAB website, “The company is a leading manufacturer in the global market of advanced high strength steels (AHSS) and hardened steels (Q & T), coils, sheets and tubes. It also provides construction technologies. SSAB’s steels and services help to make lighter end products with increased strength and durability”.

SSAB explained the company, has a cost-efficient and flexible production system to produce about 8.8 million tons of steel a year. It does all this with careful attention to environmental sustainability.

The Oxelösund Swedish factories operate within an integrated process of steel production from blast furnaces (from iron ore to scrap steel). In this process, the obsolete cooler was replaced with a new one that can last over time ensuring consistently high performance throughout the entire process.

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2. CAM Preq: our presence in Sweden

The Swedish company CAM Preq, formerly known as C.A. Mörck, managed the project including the relationship with SSAB Oxelösund:

  • industrial cooling towers type PMM C65;
  • 9.3 MW to be disposed of;
  • water temperatures in inlet and outlet respectively of 25.8 and 20 °C (with a wet-bulb temperature of 18 °C).

The open-circuit cooling tower PMM is a modular system and is suitable for medium and large plants.

Fibreglass, which is a constituent of all MITA industrial cooling towers, is a very durable material. The large side entrances provide easy access for inspection and maintenance.

This is also the first time MITA cooling technologies has supplied cooling towers for the steel industry. The Rubiera steelworks, for example, was a significant project in Italy. In this case, different customer requirements in terms of water temperature and output required the use of a smaller (but still open circuit) PME-E.

3. Results of industrial cooling towers MITA

You can evaluate the operating performance of PMM industrial towers from the feedback submitted by SSAB to CAM PREQ, as recounted by the same Swedish supplier companies in this link:

“The cooling towers work perfectly allowing continuous production. Even the recent hot weather is of no concern to our technical department. Along with the supplier, they have done a good job in both system design and product choice”.

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