Industrial Cooling Towers for a Paper Mill in Sweden

Large Industrial Towers for a Paper Mill in Sweden

Maxi format, minimum noise. The PME-E cooling towers supplied to CAMpreq, installed at a paper mill in central Sweden, combine a design suitable to high water flows with solutions that reduce noise levels. The collection of information, from those who use evaporative systems in their production plants, has always been fundamental.

1. A solution for high water flow rates

The choice of the best solution was taken together with the end user. As explained by our distributor, CAMpreq, who has repeatedly visited the customer with MITA’s area manager: “To adapt to the site conditions and minimise the total installation costs, we carried out site visits and presented various layout solutions, after which the customer chose”.

Two elements were decisive for tower sizing: the large water flow to cool, about 1,600 m3/h, and also the stringent noise limits. As a result, we designed a custom solution with 4 PME-E 7204 open-circuit cooling towers in Super Silent execution.

The towers, 7.2 meters long each, have four vertical layers of heat exchange surfaces: they are 1.2 meters high which allow a final thermal jump of no less than 18 degrees (from 49 of the incoming water to the outgoing 31).

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2. Customisations requested by the paper mill

These four towers are quite large but generate little noise, as the customer specifically requested. The “Super Silent” version we installed uses 16-pole motors and fans with a special wing profile. This solution considerably reduces the levels of sound pressure and power while minimising the power requirements of the fans. This latter element will determine considerable energy savings, already clearly appreciated by the customer.

To further reduce the sound levels, MITA has also provided anti-splash mats in the collection basins and sound-absorbing coatings: both useful for minimising the noise made by the water falling into the basin.

Other construction features typical of MITA Cooling Technologies’ evaporative towers complete this installation: the use of non-corroding fibreglass and wide side inspection doors for easy internal maintenance.

3. Transport and installation

Our customer chose PME-E evaporative coolers instead of field-erected towers, to minimise installation times.

We shipped the four MITA cooling towers from Italy to central Sweden for more than 2,000 km by intermodal transport: truck, rail, boat, and again truck. Then we installed them on the roof of a building, prepared specifically by the customer for collecting the circuit water.

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