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Cooling Technologies for HVAC Sector: MITA Case Studies

Resource savings and very low noise are among the most needed features in cooling units connected to HVAC systems: both adiabatic coolers and silent version evaporative towers can fit these requirements. Need of versatile configurations for indoor installations is a further point of attention. That is why coolers with centrifugal fans are often appreciated.  

Cooling Towers for HVAC Sector: MITA Case Studies

Cooling Towers for RAI in Rome

Cooling Towers for Italian National Radio and Television

MITA coolers are part of the air conditioning system in the historical TV production studios in Rome. Reduced noise levels thanks to low rpm motors.

Cooling Towers for National Opera in Ukraine

MITA Cooling Tower in the National Opera of Ukraine

Cooling unit with centrifugal fan for the air conditioning system of a specific area: a separate room to keep and preserve scenographic sets.

Cooling Towers for Bologna Hospital

Cooling Towers for a Hospital in Central Italy

Air conditioning system (hospital) – capacity 26 MW – model PME.

Icon Reliability of Cooling Technologies

Installation Context Examples: civil buildings and offices, hospitals, schools and theatres. 

Icon Reliability of Cooling Technologies

Requirements: very low noise, water and energy savings, versatile configurations.

Icon Reliability of Cooling Technologies

Cooling Technologies: adiabatic coolers, small and medium cooling towers with versatile configurations.

MITA Solutions and Service for HVAC Sector

PAD-V Adiabatic Coolers Condensers Rendering

Adiabatic Dry Coolers

PAD-V series. These coolers are suggested where attention is particularly focused on the consumption of water and energy.

PME-E Open-Circuit Cooling Towers Rendering

Cooling Towers for Medium-Sized Installations

PME-E series. Non corroding fiberglass body, easy access for internal maintenance. Silent and Super Silent versions available.

MCT Cooling Tower Redering

Cooling Towers with Centrifugal Fans

MCT series is suggested for small/medium-sized installations and indoor installations. All models are totally pre-assembled at our factory.


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