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MITA Cooling Towers for Artificial Snowmaking Plants

Cooling towers in snowmaking plants are usually used for water pre-cooling for snowmaking cannons: high water flows, high performances and low sound levels are the most frequent requirements. A reduced visual impact is often a plus. Here some MITA realizations from Austria to Japan, together with international engineering firms. 

Cooling Towers for Snowmaking Plants: MITA Case Studies

Cooling Towers for a Snow Plant in Japan

Cooling Towers for an Artificial Snow Plant in Japan

Open circuit cooling towers chosen by Sufag engineering firm for a ski facility in Japan (prefecture of Gunma). Performance, maintainability and durability were the requirements.

Cooling Towers for Hopfgarten Snowmaking Plant

Cooling Towers for Hopfgarten Snowmaking Plant, Austria

Artificial snowmaking plant – 8,8 MW cooling capacity – PME-E SNOW units.

Cooling Towers for Turin 2006

Artificial Snowmaking for Turin 2006 Winter Olympics

MITA evaporative towers were used for the creation of the new artificial snowmaking plant in Bardonecchia (Italy) realized by Snowstar.

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Icon Reliability of Cooling Technologies

Installation Context Examples: water pre-cooling for snowmaking cannons.

Icon Reliability of Cooling Technologies

Requirements: high water flows, high performances, low sound levels, reduced visual impact.

Icon Reliability of Cooling Technologies

Cooling Technologies: medium-size cooling towers (silent versions).

MITA Solutions and Service for Snowmaking

PME-E Open-Circuit Cooling Towers Rendering

Open circuit cooling towers

PME-E series. “Clean water”, “Silent” and “Super Silent” versions ideal for water pre-cooling in snowmaking plants.


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