Evaporative Adiabatic Systems for Creta Farm in Greece_Case Study

Creta Farms cuts energy bills with MITA technology

After a devastating fire, Creta Farms decided to rebuild and install an energy-efficient solution for the production plant in Crete.

  • Leading Greek cured meat producer
  • Provision of an evaporative condenser with dual dry/wet modes
  • High energy efficiency due to dual operation, MITA Control System panel and innovative refrigeration system installed by EcoRef
Creta Farms
Rethymno, Crete (Greece)
Type of interlocutor
National agent (Ecoref)
Scope of application
Industrial refrigeration (food sector)
Story in Brief
Creta Farms is Greece's leading producer of cured meats, known for its innovation in adding unsaturated vegetable fats to products. Founded in 1970, the company has expanded internationally and exported its innovative methodologies to the U.S., Spain, and Cyprus. To enucleate its refrigeration needs, Creta Farms was supported by MITA and EcoRef, which has experience in energy-efficient solutions for 50 years.
List of customer needs
- Condensing primary refrigerant (R407F) and secondary refrigerant (Temper -15) of new refrigeration system
- Energy-efficient solution
Output fluid and temperature
R407F refrigerant gas at 26.5°C
Powers required
800 kW
Technologies provided
No. 1 MCE Q4-09 evaporative condenser with "adiabatic method": dual operation (dry/wet)
Other special offers
No. 1 MCS panel - MITA Control System for controlling the cooling operation parameters
Key to success
- Cut in electricity expenditure of the production plant
- Ongoing support from local partner (Ecoref)

1. Installation context

After a devastating fire, Creta Farms decides to rebuild and install a state-of-the-art, energy-efficient solution at its production plant in Crete. ecoRef in Athens is commissioned to design the new refrigerated warehouse. An indirect refrigeration system with R407F and Temper -15 as the secondary fluid is designed.

The first of the two fluids (R407F) requires cooling through an energy-efficient solution.

2. Proposed solution

CretaFarms’ refrigeration system is now water-cooled by means of a highly efficient Mita evaporative condenser evaporative condenser that operates by the adiabatic method: in fact, thanks to the design that takes into account the condensing pressure and outdoor temperature, the system can operate in dry mode, wet mode, and mix mode (dry/wet) maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing water consumption. Aerodynamic fan blades minimize motor energy input. The motors are directly coupled to the fans, minimizing moving components.

The electronic MITA Control System controls condensing temperature and pressure by continuous calibration of fan speed and water use. On the other hand, energy-efficient defrosting has been achieved through a heat exchanger located before the evaporative condenser, which draws heat from the hot side of the refrigerant (discharge line running from the compressor to the evaporative condenser).

3. Results and critical success factor

The proposed solution has led to a significant reduction in energy costs for Crete Farms, allowing the energy bill to be cut in half. The adoption of Mita’s adiabatic cooling technology, combined with the secondary refrigeration system with Temper -15, has proven to be extremely efficient and environmentally sustainable.

In addition, the use of the evaporative condenser and electronic management system helped maximize the energy efficiency of the refrigeration cycle. The critical success factor was the integration of energy-efficient solutions (both for what concerns the refrigeration system and the cooling section) that enabled Creta Farms to achieve significant energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions.

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Evaporative Adiabatic Systems for Creta Farm in Greece_Case Study

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