Collaborazione con Voutsinas per il raffreddamento dell'industria alimentare #1

Partnership with Voutsinas for Food Processing Cooling

For more than 25 years, MITA Cooling Technologies and Voutsinas have worked side by side to provide reliable and efficient cooling solutions to the Greek food industry. It is a well-established combination of MITA’s many years of experience in designing and manufacturing reliable, non-corrodible, and easy-to-manage industrial cooling systems and Voutsinas’ in-depth knowledge of the specific needs of the food industry.

  • Client: major food equipment designer and manufacturer
  • 25-year collaboration to benefit the Greek food industry
  • Mainly provided solution: open-circuit cooling tower PMS 180/260
Voutsinas Christos IKE
2000 - present
Thessaloniki, Greece
Type of interlocutor
Machinery designer and manufacturer (OEM)
Scope of application
Food industry (food process cooling)
Story in Brief
The company Voutsinas Christos IKE is based in Thessaloniki, Greece. It was founded in 1982 and operates in the food processing and packaging industry. It supplies systems to the most renowned Greek players in the food industry, for the production of sauces, jams, prepared foods, condiments, olives, oil, sauces... It has hundreds of production and packaging units under its belt, in Greece and abroad. Some of the solutions and services offered to customers in the food sector: machines for food production and packaging, implementation of special machines, technical support.
List of customer needs
- Supplying end customers with reliable cooling towers and evaporative condensers designed for the individual project and plant
- Coolers serving the various stages required for food preparation, e.g., pasteurization and sterilization (autoclave cooling)
Output fluid and temperature
Ambient air
High temperatures on the Greek peninsula (case of on-site installations)
Powers required
400-600 kW average (variable depending on individual job order)
Technologies provided
- Especially PMS 180/260 open circuit cooling towers
- Different solutions, depending on the required flow rates and thermal jump
Construction Pluses
- Non-corrodible fiberglass
- Man steps for easy internal inspection of the cooling system
- Consulting to Voutsinas and the end customer during the selection, design and installation of solutions
- Supply of original spare parts
Key to success
Established partnership (25 years)

1. Context and company

MITA Cooling Technologies designs and manufactures industrial cooling systems, with more than 60 years of experience in the field. It offers a wide range of solutions, including evaporative towers, adiabatic coolers, dry coolers and chillers, to meet the needs of various industrial applications.

Voutsinas Christos IKE, founded in 1982, is a renowned designer and manufacturer of machinery for the Greek food industry. Based in Thessaloniki, Voutsinas designs and builds systems for the production of the most diverse types of foods: sauces, jams, prepared foods, condiments, olives, oil, and sauces. The company has hundreds of installations in Greece and abroad to its credit, providing customized solutions to the most renowned players in the food industry.

2. Needs

For 25 years now, MITA Cooling Technologies and Voutsinas have collaborated to offer reliable solutions to customers in the food industry. MITA industrial chillers are part of the often turnkey solutions sold and installed by Voutsinas.

The coolers, especially PMS closed-loop towers, are placed to serve the various stages required for food preparation, such as pasteurization and sterilization (autoclave cooling).

Here are some of the main challenges.

  • Reliability: cooling towers and evaporative condensers must operate continuously and without interruption to ensure uninterrupted production in food plants.
  • Efficiency: cooling solutions must be energy efficient to reduce operating costs and environmental impact. This is especially for an environment such as Greece, with high average annual temperatures.
  • Customized design: each food plant has specific cooling needs. Therefore, solutions must be custom-designed to meet the specific flow rates and temperature jumps required.
  • Corrosion resistance: a distinguishing feature of MITA cooling towers is that the tower body is made of non-corrodible fiberglass, which provides greater durability to these systems.
  • Ease of maintenance: solutions must be designed for easy inspection and maintenance to ensure optimal operation over time.

3. Key success factors

The successful partnership between MITA Cooling Technologies and Voutsinas is based on several key factors.

  • Mutual collaboration: both companies work closely together to understand the specific needs of each customer and develop the optimal cooling solution.
  • Customized solutions: each cooling solution is custom designed to meet the specific needs of each plant.
  • Consulting during all phases: added value that the two partners are able to provide to the end customer, from selection of the best cooler through design to installation.
  • Excellent customer service: MITA can continuously provide food industry customers, through Voutsinas, with after-sales service, original spare parts for coolers, and technical support throughout the project life cycle.
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