Condensatore evaporativo per ammoniaca in Grecia

Ammonia Condensation for Refrigeration Units in Greece

MCE-model evaporative condensers are an efficient solution for ammonia condensing in refrigeration: a Greek plant engineer, who again supplied this MITA solution to one of his customers, partly due to Ecoref’s support during installation, knows this.

  • New ammonia refrigeration system for a Greek ice cream company
  • Required thermal duties for refrigeration units: 1,570 kW
  • Installation of two evaporative condensers for NH3
Ice-cream manufacturing company in Attica
Type of interlocutor
National consultant (Ecoref) on behalf of a Greek plant engineer.
Scope of application
Story in Brief
The client of MITA Cooling Technologies and Ecoref, a long-standing local partner for Greece, is a well-known Greek refrigeration manufacturer that designed and installed a sophisticated ammonia refrigeration system for an ice cream company.
List of customer needs
- Condensation of ammonia, refrigerant used in production processes
- High ambient temperatures, considerable workload
Output fluid and temperature
35°C (ammonia gas)
Ambient air
25.5°C (wet bulb temperature)
Powers required
1,570 kW (for refrigeration units)
Technologies provided
No. 2 evaporative condensers for ammonia MCE Q4-17
Installation assistance
Key to success
- Efficiency of the proposed ammonia condensation solution
- Support from MITA Cooling Technologies and Ecoref at all stages of the project, up to final installation

1. Installation context

An ice-cream factory in Greece has requested an efficiency upgrade of its refrigeration system. The request was taken up by one of the leading refrigeration installers active in the Hellenic peninsula, which proposed an ammonia system.

High ambient temperatures are of course a variable to consider in this part of Europe.

2. Proposed solution

MITA Cooling Technologies and Ecoref, a long-standing local partner for Greece, proposed to the broker the installation of two ammonia evaporative condensers, model MCE Q4-17.

This solution was custom-designed to meet the customer’s specific needs, with a total thermal duty of 1,570 kW.

3. Key to success

One of the keys to the success of this solution was the efficiency of the MCE Q4-17 evaporative condensers, which use the principle of evaporative cooling to remove heat from the ammonia gas.

In addition, the support of MITA Cooling Technologies and Ecoref at all stages of design and installation ensured maximum system reliability. On the other hand, some previous deliveries convinced the Greek plant engineer to trust MITA’s technologies again.

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