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Cooling Technologies for Industrial Refrigeration: MITA Case Studies

Industrial refrigeration is linked to foodstuff storage and production lines in food & beverage sector: the optimization of efficiency and resources (water and energy) are the most required needs by customers. Evaporative and adiabatic condensers must deal with different refrigerant gases according to the project requests.

Cooling Technologies for Industrial Refrigeration: MITA Case Studies

Cooling Technologies for Industrial Refrigeration

Cooling Technologies for a Dairy in the Langhe Region

Evaporative condenser and gas cooler for a highest-quality food producer in a historic culinary region of Italy.

Evaporative Condensers for Brewery in Cuba

Evaporative condensers for a brewery in Cuba

The customer needed to replace the ammonia condensation system (NH3) attached to the compressors of the refrigeration units: MITA Cooling Technologies installed 6 evaporative condensers, also modernizing the production process.

Evaporative Adiabatic Systems for Creta Farm in Greece

MITA cooling solutions for a food producer in Greece

Creta Farm (Greece) decided to rebuild and install a cutting edge energy efficient solution for the production plant in Crete. he results have exceeded the expectations with significantly reduced energy costs.

Icon Reliability of Cooling Technologies

Installation Context Examples: foodstuff storage, production lines in food & beverage industries – for instance dairies, farms, breweries.

Icon Reliability of Cooling Technologies

Requirements: efficiency, energy and water savings, different refrigerants to be cooled, innovative systems.

Icon Reliability of Cooling Technologies

Cooling Technologies: evaporative condensers, adiabatic dry coolers, gas coolers.

MITA Solutions and Service for Industrial Refrigeration

MCE Evaporative Condensers

Evaporative Condensers

MCE series suggested where a refrigerating gas must be condensed: it is indicated in cooling systems linked to industrial logistics, or storage of foodstuffs inside refrigerated warehouses. Suitable for different refrigerants.

PAD G-C Adiabatic Gas Coolers

Gas Coolers

PAD G-C series. It is is suggested for CO2 refrigeration systems and to obtain greater efficiency compared to the classic air systems.


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