Evaporative Condenser and Gas Cooler for a Dairy in Langhe_Case-Study

Evaporative and adiabatic condenser for a dairy in the Langhe region

Langhe, a historic area of Piedmont known for its wines and haute cuisine. MITA Cooling Technologies has participated in the modernization of the refrigeration system of a local dairy with two different solutions: the MCE evaporative condenser and the PAD G-C adiabatic gas cooler. Both were required by the project design lead company, the Telos design studio with engineers Claudio Tarsitano and Alessandro Pasini.

The purpose was to operate a change of business scale to supply large-scale retail trade, paying attention to energy efficiency. Therefore, the plant solutions adopted had to support this growth, through a system with two refrigeration units with different objectives.

  • It was necessary to provide a first unit for cooling the R1234ze refrigerant.
  • The second unit, working with transcritical R744 gas, had instead to recover high quality water at 80° C: this had to be reused in heating the maturing cells.

For both contexts, the Telos company has provided MITA cooling & condensing solutions: the first one evaporative and the second one adiabatic. Specifically, the first of the two refrigeration units is now served by the MCE evaporative condenser: a device which provides for a reduced use of energy thanks to the low power installed. The second unit, working with the transcritical R744 gas, is supported by the gas cooler. Its electrically controlled fans ensure low energy usage.

Furthermore, adiabatic cooling allows high performance in hot seasons compared to air systems.

“With the technical solutions adopted in the transcritical R744 group, we cover between 80% and 100% of the thermal load of the plant”, says the engineer Pasini from Telos with satisfaction. The MITA Cooling Technologies gas cooler also contributes to supporting these performances.

Telos engineering firm accompanies customers from the initial definition of needs to testing and fine tuning. The Company has followed the project of the Langhe dairy since July 2014. The testing phase took place in July 2017. A particular eye is always given in the choice of supplies by the preferable solutions in terms of economic and energy efficiency: this is explicitely admitted by Telos. Hence the decision to invest in MITA devices.