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Industrial Cooling Technologies: MITA Case Studies

Different solutions for different requirements: MITA Cooling Technologies leverages on a wide range of evaporative and adiabatic coolers. Project specifications and heterogeneity of industrial applications are variables. One eye on efficiency and optimization, the other one on system safety.

Cooling Technologies for Process Industry: MITA Case Studies

EasyBox & PMS Tower for Fonderia Casati

Fonderia Casati “Industry 4.0”

Cooling Towers, cooling station, remote-control platform: cooling technologies to support not only a process but a future vision of the business.

Adiabatic Cooler for Plastics Industry

Water Savings for Plastics Industry with the MITA Adiabatic System

See the advantages of PAD-V cooler: the environmentally sustainable system that delivers the benefit of slashing water and energy bills to a minimum.

Adiabatic Systems for Ansaldo Energia Sardinia

MITA Adiabatic Coolers for Ansaldo Energia (Utilities)

One of the most advanced hubs for the study of electric grids in Europe, in Sardinia, also bears the signature of MITA Cooling Technologies: thanks to 13 adiabatic coolers supplied to Ansaldo, one of the main contractors for the project.

PMM Open Circuit Cooling Tower for a Cogeneration Plant in Poland

Evaporative Systems for a Cogeneration Plant in Poland

Long-distance transport was not a problem with these large modular industrial towers, finally installed in a cogeneration site in Poland.

Cooling Technologies for a High-Quality Food Process

Closed-circuit Cooling Towers for High-Quality Food Process Lines in Sweden

The customer of MITA Cooling Technologies and CAMPreq is a producer of drinks, fruit juices, and ciders. Its historic home in southern Sweden also houses a restaurant and a boutique to sell its products.

Cooling Towers for a Chemical Industry in Italy

Cooling Towers for Solvent Recovery (Chemical Sector) in Italy

An open-circuit cooling tower has been chosen according to customer’s project needs. Solvent condensing – capacity 1,4 MW. Model PME-E 5704 Super Silent.

Icon Reliability of Cooling Technologies

Installation Context Examples: food & beverage process lines, chemical industry, plastic processing, metal heat treatments.

Icon Reliability of Cooling Technologies

Requirements: efficiency, water and energy savings, highly variable output temperatures.

Icon Reliability of Cooling Technologies

Cooling Technologies: adiabatic dry coolers, cooling towers, dry coolers.

MITA Solutions and Service for Process Industry

PAD-V Adiabatic Coolers Condensers Rendering

Adiabatic Dry Coolers

PAD-V series. Efficiency and water savings above the category average. No need for water treatment.

PME-E Open-Circuit Cooling Towers Rendering

Open circuit cooling towers

PME-E series. Suitable for industrial plants of heterogeneous dimensions and able to dispose of variable powers.

Industrial Dry Coolers

Industrial Dry Coolers

From our partner Frigofluid. It is possible to obtain process fluid temperatures close to the temperature of the intake air. Free-cooling can be integrated.


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