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Industrial Cooling Tower for Coca Cola in Kiev

A MITA cooler operates in the service of one of the world’s most famous food and drink multinationals: Kiev Coca Cola now uses a PME-E tower for its production facilities.

All MITA industrial cooling towers, including open-circuit ones, are made of fibreglass: therefore incorrodible and long-lasting. Maintenance is simplified by the wide accesses. All this allows the end user (in the food industry or in other production sectors) to reduce and simplify the maintenance of the cooling system.

An added value of the PME installation for Coca Cola is the MCS – MITA Control System. The MCS – MITA Control System consists of a control panel with an inverter that provides the following benefits:

  • saving of electric energy,
  • reduced wear of the electromechanical parts with a consequent reduction of maintenance costs,
  • reduced water consumption,
  • reduced water treatment costs,
  • decreased noise.

The cost-efficient use of all input resources helps companies in the process industry to reduce production costs and, ultimately, achieve a competitive advantage. This is especially true for a large international food producer.

The objective has been achieved by Compressors International, a multinational company based in Ukraine, which is a distributor of compressor equipment. This is the website.


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