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Industrial Cooling Towers: MITA Case Studies

Industrial cooling is often characterized by variable temperature and dirty water. Therefore, open circuit cooling towers with different features are recommended. Some case studies: from power plants to oil & gas, or food & beverage industries and metalworking.



Cooling Towers for Process Industry: MITA Case Studies



Cooling Towers for Coca Cola Ukraine

Industrial towers for Coca-Cola in Ukraine

MITA supplied evaporative towers to Kiev headquarters of the famous food & beverage multinational company. Control panel equipped with inverter for the optimization of water and energy.

PMM Open Circuit Cooling Towers for SSAB Global Steel Processor in Sweden

Modular towers for a large steel plant in Sweden

These “Container version” towers are composed of large modular cells: they were transported from the Siziano plant in Italy directly to Oxelösund.

EasyBox & PMS Tower for Fonderia Casati

Towers for Fonderia Casati, “Industry 4.0” in Italy

The Varese foundry opted for a small “connected” PMS tower: in addition to the cooler and the cooling unit, a remote-control panel connected to the company IT management was installed.


PMM Open Circuit Cooling Tower for a Cogeneration Plant in Poland

PMM for cogeneration in Poland

Large modular industrial towers for an important Polish cogeneration site.

Cooling Towers for a Chemical Industry in Italy

Chemical industry in Italy

Cooling process for extrusion presses, model PME-E 4804 Super Silent. Read also the article “A reliable partner for the production of masterbatches” by Industria Chimica (Italian text) in the link.

Cooling Technologies for a High-Quality Food Process

High-quality food & beverage process in Sweden

Evaporative towers for juice and cider production lines: in this case, a closed-circuit cooling tower (type MCC) was chosen.



Icon Reliability of Cooling Technologies

Installation Context Examples: food & beverage production lines, oil & gas plants, power plants, plastics and metal processing, paper mills.

Icon Reliability of Cooling Technologies

Requirements: variable temperatures, dirty water (often), long distance transport.

Icon Reliability of Cooling Technologies

Cooling Technologies: pre-assembled or modular open-circuit evaporative towers, closed-circuit evaporative towers (less frequently). “Container” versions.



MITA Solutions and Service for process industry


PME-E series open circuit cooling towers

Pre-assembled open circuit cooling towers

PME-E series for small and medium-sized systems. Silent / Super-Silent and Container versions available.

PMM cooling towers

Modular open circuit cooling towers

PMM series for large systems. Quick and cheap installation, possible adaptation to existing tanks or structures.

PU field-erected cooling towers

Field-erected cooling towers

PU series for large industrial plants. Ideal when the flow to be cooled is considerable and when transport costs can deeply impact the project.


PMS cooling towers

Cooling towers for small plants

PMS series. Self-supporting structure, low installed powers, low noise levels.







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